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<img src="http://www.winestory.ro/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/stock-footage-a-black-and-white-cat-licks-the-rim-of-a-glass-filled-with-red-wine.jpg" width="600"

I think I need a sippy cup for my wine.I'm savouring a very nice glass of Kooliburra Shiraz reserve and flies keep trying to drown in it.A pleasant death I admit but horrid for the drinker.I have a little notebook balanced on top of the glass.I won't use flyspray because of the cats.

Oh I've changed my mind,I want these glasses.

<img src="http://horowhenua.kete.net.nz/image_files/0000/0009/9212/White_cat_with_red_ribbon_wine_glass.jpg" width="600" />

And funnily enough,while googling these images,I found this story.


My cheesburger submissions

July poetry

I Am The Beach
poet (brief renderings) Joe Fazio

As we walked along the beach, crashing waves
thundered in our ears and a light, salted mist,
dampened our lips.

The sun began to set and the voice of the beach,
traveled across the ocean waves.

'I am the beach, and here you shall find peace.
I am the beach, here you shall find love.

In this domain, my beach, the answers you
search for, could very well be found here.
For at this beach, there is much,
that has been revealed.

The sparkled, white grains of sand, that blanket
this beach, has been a bed of comfort, to many.

Pause, as you come upon this beach, and listen
to the symphony of waves and the chorus of
birds, singing their song, as they glide in the wind.

Feel the power of this beach, as it seems to
renew your inner being. You need not question
the beach and its mystical powers. For as
millions before you have found, the beach...
and its magical transference to one...have
existed, since the beginning of time.

Be not troubled, for the beach is close at
hand. You need only to deliver your strife,
to the tranquility of the beach and it shall
be exercised from you.

When you go from this beach...leave with
the peace that you have found here.'


My absence

I went out for an afternoon in the pub with a dear friend.On the way I stopped in the chemist to pick up a prescription,which,surprise surprise was not in.This mean I was without the medication for my IBS for the 5th day.
They day out was lovely but when I got home ,my guts turned into a boiling pit of lava and I threw up everywhere... repeatedly.

I was also out of painkillers so practically put my back out wretching.

Luckily the chemist sorted out the scrip and after a day or two I recovered.
Now I'm occupied watching the World Cup and Wimbledon.

However,my little pink tablet has died on me.It's under warrenty which it good but it's going to be a hassle sending it back.


Too darn hot.

COULD not be bothered going on the internet for days.I've just sat in front of the TV watching Test cricket.

It's been made worse by cock ups causing my prescription not to be delivered .
The World Cup? Well,that was short and sweet for England.At least I don't have to bother about it now.

Incidentally,if you google "hot " this is what you get.


A bit of a quiz

I was on Youtube looking something up and I played a song I like a lot.In the comment a huge row was going on between people who had come to Youtube from Supernatural,South Park,or cowbell.It was quite a vicious row too.
Can you guess what the tune was?
There will be a special No-prize for the winner.The picture is no help at all.


Oh oh livin' on a prayer.

Last night ,I accidentally found the top 50 power ballads of the 80s on TV.Some of them were fun to here again but why so many lounge singer classics by Phil Collins,singing in front of clips from Buster? I mean,they were by no stretch of the imagination power ballads.George Micheal pretending to like kissing girls was quaint.None of it was stuff I listened to then but I caught it on pub juke boxes.
So inspired by this,I dressed up to go out on an errand 80s style.I wore a bright pink dress with a full skirt,not quite a rah-rah but close enough ;black ankle boots,my summer black biker jacket ,and pulled the top part of my hair up into a high ponytail with a spotted pink ribbon and back combed my fringe .Because it was very humid I carried a black fan painted with roses.
Here s a picture of Strawberry Switchblade.When they came out ,my friends said I had to watch them on Top Of The Pops because they looked like me.They did too.

I went to exchange my broken kitchen timer.Of course,it threw it down on the way home.So then I looked like this


Communication Breakdown.

Which is a great Led Zep track but the retrograde Mercury shennanigans go on.

Phone calls not happening,tickets to a gig not arriving,it goes on.

I bought this kitchen timer (that's still communication right?) and it was broken.I can easily return it but still,part of the whole horrible pattern.

And now my LJ feed

is full of "invalid string " ?? notifications and believes I'm not allowed to use my blog,

And when I googled string,I got pictures of bikinis using less thread than my hair scrunchies.AND A STRING MANKIKI o-0



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